TCKC 2014 | Themes from Kids Voices

At the final session on the day of Tri-Cities Kids Conference 2014, students were given the opportunity to voice what was most important to them after experiencing a day full of rights-focused activities and discussions.

Students wrote their thoughts about "What was most important to them?" on coloured plastic balls ("Rights Bubbles") and created posters about their neighbourhoods (What makes you happy about your neighbourhood? What makes you sad about your neighbourhood). Here are the themes (with some examples of what students wrote) that came from of all their voices...

To Have a Voice
"Children should be heard"

To Be Loved and Have A Family
"I like my family because they are here for me"
"I love my family because they help and take care of me"
"I love that I have a supportive family" 
"My home because my family lives there"

To Have Friends
"I like where I live because I have good friends"
"I feel happy because my friends help me"
"I have great friends"

To Belong
"I love my school + home because I feel happy at both places.
"I love my neighbour’s house because she plays with me"

To Have Peace and Safety
"I don't like streets because cars can hit you"
"I don’t feel safe walking on the street or parking lot because I might get hit"
"I don’t feel safe with bullys!"
"Coquitlam overall is a safe place to live"
"It is peaceful and safe"
"I feel free and safe because I know that I have peace"

To Have a Clean Environment
"I love where I live because the water is clean"
"There is a lot of nature"
"I like trees"
"Fresh air"
"I like living in my area because its nice, quiet, and natural"
"Great view, lush"

To Have a Home
"I like home because it is safe"

To Have Space for Recreation and Play
"Swimming Pool"
"Shoot my bow and arrow"
"Lots of soccer field"
"I love my community because I can participate in many activities"

"I like being able to have education"

To Be Respected
"I like where I live because it is quiet, my rights are respected"
"Adults that respect me"
"I am respected and when I have a problem, my family will help"