Tri-Cities Kids Conference | November 20, 2014

“Pass it On! Be a Rights Champion” - The First Ever Tri-Cities Kids Conference!!


What is the Tri-Cities Kids Conference?

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Tri-Cities Early Childhood Development and Middle Childhood Matters Committees will be hosting this conference with the theme: “Pass it On! Be a Rights Champion.” This conference is one of a series of steps in a larger process that will result in the creation of a Tri-Cities Children’s Charter. The Charter is a community commitment to upholding children’s rights as they have been expressed and reflected upon by children themselves.  

Conference Goals

The children who attend this conference will develop leadership skills while building upon their knowledge of children’s rights. They will leave the conference with the ability to act as ambassadors in your school and within the Tri-Cities community. As part of the learning at the conference, students will be encouraged to take action to promote the rights and responsibilities of children. This may involve sharing what they have learned with their peers; be it through a presentation in an assembly, a write-up for the school newspaper, a piece of artwork or print resource, or any other ideas they may have for on-going projects.

Who is Organizing the Conference?

The conference is being organized by the Tri-Cities Early Childhood Development and Middle Childhood Matters Committees in partnership with School District 43Pinetree Community Centre, City of Port Coquitlam - Children Services, Equitas-International Centre for Human Rights Education, The Society for Children and Youth of BC and The Human Early Learning Partnership at UBC. Children from Tri-Cities schools have also been heavily involved in the planning process and will be volunteering as facilitators for this conference. 

Event Day Details:

Date: Thursday, November 20th, 2014
Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm
Location: Pinetree Community Centre, 1260 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam    
Lunch: Pasta